Micro Software Consultants, Inc. (MSC) is a training consulting firm that specializes in delivering high quality information technology and soft skills training for organizations. With over 15 years experience, MSC has worked with many industries including financial services, not-for-profit sectors, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, retail food services, construction and education. This varied industry exposure has allowed MSC to develop the skills necessary to effectively respond to unique client needs.

Our objective is to enable businesses to efficiently use new or existing tools to help boost employee performance and make effective use of resources. In addition to information technology and soft skill training, we provide management, business process reengineering and change management support.


  • Designing custom training and documentation
    (OTS, CRM, ECRM)

  • Recommending software and productivity tools

  • Developing solutions to automate frequently
    performed tasks

  • Technical support

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